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Parajumpers PERFECT Väst Herr Röd

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Färg:     Röd
Material:    Yttertyg: 100% polyester. Yttertyg 2: 100% shearling. Detaljer : 100% skinn. Insida: 100% polyester. Stoppning: 90% dun, 10% fjädrar.
Tvättråd:    Får ej vattentvättas Klorblekmedel får ej användas. Får ej torktumlas. Får ej strykas. Ej kemtvätt.



Would recommend product & website :)

diese jacke ist die beste winterjacke die mir untergekommen ist,.nach den klassischen winterparkas (wolfskin, cloumbia etc.) ist sie.ein großes stück noch wärmer und auch sehr komfortabel bzw. robust...gut zu dem preis



    In order to gauge proper sizing and pick out a color, I ordered three coats for my wife as a Christmas gift. They were all ordered directly from Amazon, not a third party seller. First, these coats run true to size, are form fitting, and tend to flatter a more petite physique. Now regarding the colors: Red is extremely bright and loud, and not in a good way. I suppose that if you're an avid winter sports fanatic and run the occasional risk of getting trapped under an avalanche and want to stand out to first responders, then red is for you. The blue is a bit more muted, but not an elegant color by any means. Alas, it was the graphite grey that was the most neutral and satisfying of the three, although I wouldn't say that it is an elegant color choice by any means. There was, however, one huge dilemma with the graphite coat: it appeared to be a counterfeit parajumpers coat. Yes, a fake sold directly by Amazon. Either that or an authentic one that was grossly overlooked by parajumpers's quality control inspectors. Having the benefit of being in possession of two other coats to compare the suspected fake against, a number of inconsistencies stood out. First and foremost, the fur lining on the hood was limp, matted and not nearly as voluminous as that on other two coats. There were also a number of loose stitches and already fraying threads on a number of seems, including the patch. While the coat did have the holographic sticker together with what appeared to be original parajumpers Tags, there was a blank white label covering a bar code on the bottom of the red tags attached to the coat. None of the other two had the blank sticker on the tag. Either this was a fake sold directly by Amazon, a really defective authentic coat, or someone bought this, wore it to compete in the Winter X games and then returned it. As for the two stars granted to an authentic version: one star for flattering fit and overall design, and another star for overall quality. It looses a third star because the warmth factor of the Kensington is not commensurate with other coats in this price point.



      I have been looking to replace my shearling coat for the past 2 winters with something that is equally stylish and equally warm. The shearling coats have become prohibitively expensive and I just couldn't afford to replace my old one which I have had for about 10 years. I saw this coat on a woman in Montreal last winter and tried to find it in the stores. I really wanted to try it on before making the purchase but I couldn't find a store that carried it. I bought it and lo and behold, it fits, it's warm, it looks stylish and it was less than half of what I paid for my shearling 10 years ago! I highly recommend this coat.

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        Parajumpers PERFECT Väst Herr Röd

        Parajumpers PERFECT Väst Herr Röd

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