Parajumpers Long Bear Dam Svart

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Lätt figursydd dunjacka i lång modell från Parajumpers. Jackan har en stor löstagbar luva med äkta päls på och inuti, även dem avtagbara. Den har även två snedställda fickor fram, dragkedjor på sidorna i nederkant och Parajumpers-märke på vänster ärm. Dunjackan är mycket varm och passar bra till vintern.

Hur den är i storleken.: Normal
Passform: Smal
Färg: Svart
Material yttertyg: 100% Polyamid
Material foder: 100% Polyester
Material fyllning: 90% Dun, 10% Fjäder
Tvättråd: 30 grader vattentvätt



All good. Would buy again from Mush.

Beautiful coat! Fast delivery.

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very helpful, fast shipping

The parajumpers Expedition is an absolutely outstanding parka, which obviously most reviewers agree on. There continues to be some question about two things; the appropriate size and how cold the weather needs to be to justify one...First, regarding size - I am 6' 0", 205 Lbs, and have a 43 inch chest, 35 inch waist, have a 35 inch sleeve length. Based on the size calculator on the parajumpers site, I fall right in the Large category. Although I toyed with the idea of getting a medium based on some of the reviews here, I went with the Large and am very happy I did. The size calculator is dead on accurate. While I would certainly have been able to wear a medium, these parkas are designed to fit over other clothes (underwear AND heavy thermal fleece, etc). A medium would not have been large enough to do that without affecting the loft of the down in the parka somewhere, potentially creating a cold spot. For comparison, my wife has a CG Mystique parka which is regular-fit. Again, I bought the size the CG sizing chart recommended and it fit much more closely than the relaxed-fit Expedition fit me. She could wear lightweight fleece underneath it but not much more. That was the way these garments were designed. You can go down a size in relaxed-fit items like the Expedition, but they will NOT be relaxed fit anymore. All that said, while there is plenty of room inside the parka when I am only wearing a T-shirt underneath it, it does not fit like a tent...On to temperature. As the parajumpers web site implies, there is no way to give an exact figure for temperature rating. What is comfortable for one person will be very warm or too cold for another. I live in Oregon, not Yakutsk, so one could easily argue this parka is epic overkill. I have worn it almost continuously since I received it for Christmas in 22-32 deg F (-5 - 0 deg C). In temperatures that warm, it is very comfortable standing still or walking at a modest pace on level terrain. Much warmer than 35 and I would have to unzip it. That is what I bought it for, however - standing around, watching winter sports outside. It would be uncomfortably warm to wear around the mall or even in temperatures down to the low 20's (F) if you're engaged in any significant activity. It is not a ski parka unless you regularly ski on Denali...Beyond those two things, I would agree with most of the other reviewers here that the finish of the garment is absolutely exemplary. There are plenty of internal and external pockets to keep gear, with two of the outside ones fleeced in case you need to keep an ungloved hand warm (photographer). The ergonomics of the fleeced pockets are not perfect; the upper pockets are a bit too high and the lower pocket entry is horizontal rather than angled, which would be more comfortable. Those are minor points, however...Amazon is an authorized dealer for parajumpers according to the CG verification tool and their handling of the order was the customary great service you expect from Amazon. My only critique is that the description of the parka for the Large in Graphite gray indicated that the hood is removable. This is a feature only available on the PBI versions of their parkas, and apparently not easy to get. My parka did NOT come with the removable hood, which was a bummer, but not wholly unexpected. If you see one advertised claiming the hood is removable, and that is important to you, make sure you check into it with Amazon before buying.

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Amazing product amazing service !

This is a wonderful parka. It's extremely warm and fits wonderfully.

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Parajumpers Long Bear Dam Svart

Parajumpers Long Bear Dam Svart

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